In 2011, I traveled to Ukraine for the first time by car to Kremenchuk in the Poltava region to visit relatives. Kremenchuk is located in the middle of the country, between east and west. Other destinations were Crimea and the capital Kiev. After a few weeks in Ukraine, I made close friends. In the winter of 2014, shortly before the escalation of the Euromaidan, I decided to travel to Ukraine again for a semester project, not to document the political unrest directly. Rather, I felt an emotional need to find out how my friends there were doing and to be with them. I took some photos during this time. 2016 was the last time I traveled to Ukraine. 
The analog photos convey a peaceful, calm atmosphere, while the political conflict simmers beneath the surface. 
During the day you can see the cities in their wintry gloom, in the evening I am fascinated by the warm lights. I also took portraits of people I already knew and met during my time there. 
From the beginning of my first trip, I was fascinated by the landscape and the stark contrast between modernity (Kiev) and tradition in the countryside. 
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